Tick season underway, despite winter weather

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) -- After experiencing the snow storm of the century, ticks are the last thing on our minds. But experts say people and animals are at risk right now.

“Really, there is no season that is not tick season,” says Sarah Gordon, certified veterinary technician at Packerland Veterinary Center. “As long as the temperature is near freezing, or just above, they are actively seeking a warm body.”

Experts at the Packerland Veterinary Center say they’ve already treated pets for ticks in 2018.

“The biggest thing is all of these ticks spread diseases that can impact everybody. And they have a certain amount of time before they can spread that disease,” Gordon tells Action 2 News.

That’s why you want to catch the ticks as quickly as you can.

Make sure to go through your pet’s fur after you’ve been to the dog park, camping, or outside in a wooded area.

Because you likely won’t catch everything, experts say year-round tick treatment is important.

“We want to encourage everyone to do it year round, because there is really no season that you can safely say is, you know, going to be avoidable,” Gordon says.

If you do find a tick on yourself, or your pet, make sure to take it out right away.

“You would want to wear gloves, if possible. And use either a tick puller, they make actual tick pulling instruments,” Gordon says. “Or there are just a tweezers, and you grab right at the head area, and pull directly out.”

After that, put the tick in rubbing alcohol, before throwing it away or flushing it down the toilet.

Experts also recommend contacting your vet or health care provider, to make sure no disease has spread from the tick.