Thousands of census workers needed in Wisconsin

Published: Jan. 23, 2020 at 5:13 PM CST
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The federal government distributes more than $6 billion to states and communities each year based on census data. The start of the 2020 census is just around the corner, and thousands of census workers are still needed in Wisconsin to complete the count.

People could learned all about temporary census jobs during a recruiting event at the Oshkosh Food Pantry.

"We're going to need people in all communities to come out and apply for these jobs and help us out,” said Karen A. Davis, media specialist with the United States Census Bureau.

In Winnebago County alone, almost a thousand applicants are still needed.

"You need to have really good organizational skills, most people would probably need to have a car, and just the ability to work with people,” said Davis.

Davis says "census takers" are trained to meet with people who don't answer the census on their own - to try to ensure the whole community is counted.

"So many things are impacted by these numbers: congressional seats, funding that is at the state level and on down to local communities, all that is impacted by these numbers,” said Davis.

"So that you can make sure you get proper funding for your schools, for your roads, for basically everything you would get funding from the government for,” said Annelise Treder. “So that's super important to me."

Treder just recently learned how much census data impacts, which is why she wanted to apply as a census taker during the recruitment event.

The job schedule is flexible and can be part time or full time, in Wisconsin it can pay anywhere from $17 to $24 an hour, and it'll start sometime in April and could last a few months.

“I hope that [people] would not only be willing to apply, but I would hope they would be willing to make sure they are filling out their census information because it is so vitally important,” said Treder.

"Even if you're in doubt, just go ahead and apply because you never know, you might actually get this job," said Davis. “And it can be an amazing experience and a way to give back to your community.”

Applicants must be 18 by the time the census begins. For more details, or to apply, visit the census bureau job site


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