Patient's suspicions led to her doctor's arrest in Appleton

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HOWARDS GROVE, Wis. (WBAY) - A Howards Grove woman is sharing her story, hoping to help others in the same situation.

This comes after police say an Appleton man posed as a doctor, without a license to practice medicine.

Kyle Larsen faces multiple charges, including prescribing medicine without prescription and practicing medicine without a license.

Investigators say Larsen operated out of an Appleton office building as "Dr. Kyle Ellis."

In what sounds like a scene from a movie, Larsen treated multiple patients while posing as “Dr. Ellis.”

Calli Nonnemacher of Howards Grove was one of his patients.

“When I started seeing him initially, he was very caring, supportive. Very helpful. And honestly I believed everything,” she tells Action 2 News crews.

Nonnemacher says she first sought treatment from Larsen in October, after a friend referred her to him. In all, she visited the office at least a dozen times.

The first red flag she noticed was that the man posing as “Dr. Ellis” didn’t accept insurance. She says that led her to spend at least $1,000 on fake doctors’ appointments and prescriptions that Larsen gave to her.

“That medication didn't come from the pharmacy it was in house. All of his medications were from in house,” Nonnemacher says. “I asked one day, I'm not really sure what's being done to my medication once I give it to you. So he showed me, and he crushed it up, and would just mix it with water. And it would separate, and it just was not consistent. It didn't look safe, so I didn't take it.”

Nonnemacher says she only took a pill he “prescribed” one time, and stopped after she didn’t feel well.

After that, she says Larsen continued to email and text her as Dr. Ellis, what she calls “in excess, every day, multiple times a day.”

Looking back, she says the whole charade was a calculated effort.

“He knew what he was talking about. I think he did his research very well. I think he knew what he could and couldn't do, and what he could and couldn't get away with,” she explains.

After too many red flags, Nonnemacher reached out to the police.

Now, she’s encouraging other patients to research their doctors before making an appointment. She’s also hoping to put the experience behind her.

“For someone to do something of this magnitude for so long, he just needs help. And he needs prayers. And I've forgiven him for what he's done,” she says.

Larsen is currently being held in Outagamie County Jail.

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