Neenah neighbors report man entering unlocked cars

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NEENAH, Wis. (WBAY) - Neenah police are looking for a person who was seen going into cars.

Ring security video shows a man checking the handle of an SUV in a driveway (screenshot via video provided by Neenah Police Dept.)

Officers say multiple reports came from the neighborhood south of West Winneconne Avenue and west of Tullar Road.

Several people reported someone entered their unlocked vehicles and rummaged through them.

Police shared one neighbor's security video of a man checking an SUV's door handle in a driveway. When a security light comes on, he crouches and slinks away.

It happened after 3 o'clock Thursday morning on Gilbert Street where Pete Fahrenkrug just installed a camera in an outside light.

"In the mornings I typically get into my Ring app, and I just looked to see if there was any abnormal motion that was detected overnight, and at 3:17 there was a motion detected from a person coming through our driveway and opening vehicles or trying to open vehicles," said Fahrenkrug.

Assistant Police Chief Chris Sievert says cases like this, involving home security cameras like the one used by Fahrenkrug, continue to grow.

"This is a perfect example or reason why these things work when we get the information and we're able to post that video. It not only deters people from committing these crimes but it also helps us solve," added Sievert.

Cameras like this have also been used by police in the area to catch thieves stealing packages and in mediating neighbor disputes.

Fahrenkrug says he bought the camera from a company called Ring a couple months ago, but this is the first time it's captured footage of a person attempting to commit a crime.

"With the way things are going, yes, I would recommend it," Fahrenkrug admitted.

Anyone who recognizes the man or has information about these crimes is asked to call police.

And people are reminded to remove valuable property from their cars and trucks -- or at least place them out of sight -- and lock the doors.

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