The craft beer industry is feeling the pinch during the partial shutdown

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - Another industry is feeling the pinch from the partial government shutdown.

For some companies in the craft beer industry which need federal approval on labels, it's become a waiting game.

Brad Stillmank, owner of Stillmank Brewery, is grateful with an established brewery in Green Bay and keeping shipment in the state.

He won't feel the headache other breweries might be up against.

“We do feel, though, for those breweries that are in planning or are in startup right now, or breweries that haven't put out any labels right now or are looking to get into packaging, and want to take interstate commerce with their brands. They're going to really have some issues right now, and the backlog is getting pretty thick,” said Brad Stillmank.

Breweries trying to get federal label approval are on the waiting list because of the partial government shutdown. For now it doesn't have a substantial effect on small breweries in Wisconsin.

“But for breweries that are located in areas of the state that are close to neighboring states or for breweries that sell beer out of state, they're required to get label approvals for any beer that is sold across state lines,” said Mark Garthwaite, executive director of the Wisconsin Brewers Guild.

If you go on its website, you can see the Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), which approves licenses for new breweries and labels for beers sent out of state, has been on hold since day one of the shutdown.

However, federal approval on labels and licenses isn't the only problem for craft brewers just getting started.

“There are a lot of small just any kind of business but that's the case for some small brewery startups that, if they're relying on small business loan applications to fund their operations, that's a big problem because all that is shut down, too,” said Garthwaite.

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