The Wall That Heals on display in Manitowoc this week

MANITOWOC, Wis. (WBAY) -- The rumbling of about 230 motorcycles from Two Rivers to Manitowoc escorted "The Wall That Heals" to the Manitowoc County Expo Center on Tuesday afternoon.

'The Wall That Heals' makes stop in Manitowoc Sept. 12-15.

“We were quite pleased. We had no idea how many bikes were going to show up here,” said TJ Johnson, president of the Vietnam Area Veterans of Manitowoc County, Chapter 731.

The wall is a three-quarter scale replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C., established by the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund.

It displays the names of more than 58,000 people who served and died in the Vietnam War.

After some members of the chapter saw the display in Crivitz last year, they started organizing to bring the traveling exhibit to Manitowoc.

“We have 35 comrades from Manitowoc County alone that passed away or died through the war in Vietnam. To bring it here is kind of an honor,” said Johnson.

It’s an educational tool to help people learn about the war, but it's also meant to help families of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice heal.

For PJ Stephens, it serves as a reminder of why she decided to enlist in the military.

“In 1974, when the Vietnam vets came home and I was only in junior high school, it was a scene that was not very nice. I swore that I would turn the world around and those Vietnam vets would be accepted, and I joined the military,” said Stephens, who is the commander of the Two Rivers American Legion.

The Wall That Heals will be on display at the Manitowoc County Expo Center September 12-15.

It will be open to the public 24 hours and is free to visit.

Volunteers will start to construct the wall on Wednesday, which takes between 6 and 8 hours.

For a full list of events during the display click here.