The Rail Yard project moves closer to breaking ground

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) -- Development is poised for progress in downtown Green Bay, after the Redevelopment Authority approves plans for The Rail Yard late Tuesday afternoon.

DDL Holdings, the company behind the expansion project, owns the buildings that house Titletown Taproom and The Cannery.

DDL also owns the Rail Yard area, and is hoping to grow that project further north along Broadway. The new project would cover about 16 acres between Kellog Street and Bond Street.

Action 2 News first reported on the Rail Yard project back in February. That’s when DDL converted the former Larsen Green building into the first part of the Rail Yard project.

The plan was to make the space a variety of areas, including office buildings, boutique and housing.

City leaders tell Action 2 News that tenants filled the building so fast that DDL was unable to fit everything into that space.

“They have additional tenants who want to come into the area, into the district, but they don't have space for them,” says Kevin Vonck, the development director for the City of Green Bay. “So they'd like to continue putting them into the buildings in that area, so that's why they'd like to start renovating the next buildings.”

Now, the company is looking to create more office space and finally put in the housing units.

The deal will cover 16 acres of land, and convert three warehouses into Rail Yard buildings.

Tuesday night, the RDA approved the plan, adding a stipulation that 20 housing units be added to the area by 2020.

“What we really like is that their proposal is very mixed use, diverse development for that site, which is going to include both commercial and residential,” says Harry Mair, the Chairman of the Green Bay Redevelopment Authority.

From here, the plan moves to the Green Bay City Council for final approval. If passed there, the city expects to see these buildings up and running in the next five years.