The fast and the studious

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) When it comes to race cars, one Ashwaubenon student is proving to be the fast and the studious.

Marisa Marohl is a member of Ashwaubenon High School's Formula Student USA Team, and the sophomore project leader has come a long way since her freshman year.

"I was interested in cars but didn't know how they worked or anything about them, it was all new to me, but I wanted to learn and I just came and talked to Mr. Meyer one night and then I came in after school and he literally taught me just the basics and I started from there," says Marohl.

Marohl's mission, to reverse engineer a donated Stalker Bantam chassis and use a 3D program to develop the race car before creating the parts.

Her fellow students are impressed.

"She took off and ran with it and look where she is now, she built that, so it gives her a new experience, it gives us as guys a new experience having a female figure there to keep up in order you know," says junior Russell Coble.

"To see where she came in last year where she had very little skills and to where she is now is amazing, it's just really great to watch her blossom as an engineer and as a project manager," adds Jeremie Meyer, Ashwaubenon Technology and Engineering Teacher.

Marohl's creation is on display at The Automobile Gallery in downtown Green Bay, which is committed to showcasing student achievements from engineering to art.

"We read about the football team and the basketball team and the baseball team, there really is no way that these kids can be showcased and that's really what our core mission is, to become the venue to showcase high school projects," says Mike Borlee, a board member of The Automobile Gallery.

Next week, the Stalker Bantam returns to Ashwaubenon, where Marohl and her team will begin installing an engine and building a body.

"You can really see it building up to what it's going to be," she says with a smile.

The first test drive will be at Road America in May.

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