The Farmory almost ready to sell yellow perch

Published: May. 26, 2020 at 1:52 PM CDT
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It's another step in helping Northeast Wisconsin become an industry leader in freshwater aquaculture.

The Farmory in Green Bay celebrates its first commercial-scale hatch of yellow perch.

"It's grown slowly, it grew legs, it's really picked up steam and right now we're really at a turning point for the business end of our operations," says Claire Thompson, The Farmory Executive Director.

More than 100,000 yellow perch fingerlings will be ready for sale later next month.

Thompson says the non-profit educational organization is the only commercial scale, bio-secure yellow perch hatchery in the state.

"We're the first and so we really have to write the book on how to do this well, and how to do it profitably, and we had great success this year, we're really proud of our product," says Thompson.

"By saying we're bio-secure, our customers know that they're getting a premium product, they know our fish are being taken care of at the highest standards they can be which ensures that our fish should not have any pathogens whatsoever, you're not going to be potentially spreading a disease into your system or your pond," adds Anne Schmitz, The Farmory Hatchery Technician.

Schmitz says this initial hatch is just the beginning.

The facility's current capacity is 250,000 young yellow perch.

"We're going to be trying to sell as many as these bad boys as possible, once we really start cooking and we have our brood stocks all set up," says Schmitz.

The Farmory says it's already receiving orders from people looking to raise the fish indoors and outside in ponds.

With bars and restaurants constantly facing shortages of wild yellow perch, Thompson see aquaculture as a smart investment.

"We're really showing a different way to make money, a different way to go into business and how to do it well," says Thompson.

Over the next several weeks, The Farmory is hosting a series of webinars on the steps involved to raise yellow perch.

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