Temporary permit allows Oshkosh restaurants, bars to expand seating areas outdoors

Published: May. 19, 2020 at 4:34 PM CDT
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A temporary permit will now be available for Oshkosh businesses to expand outdoor seating in order to comply with guidelines which help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Oshkosh Convention and Visitors Bureau Executive Director Amy Albright said,"Everybody is ready to be open, but people, business owners really want to be safe and that is probably the thing that I've heard over and over is that business owners are really looking for guidance."

On Tuesday, city officials announced the Oshkosh Common Council has approved a Temporary Use Permit (TUP) to allow businesses to expand seating areas outside of their current building, decks and patios.

With the TUPs, businesses will be able to set up temporary outdoor patios, picnic tables, tables and chairs with umbrellas, tents or temporary bars in side, front and rear yards, parking lots, or, if given permission, on neighbor's property.

The permits will allow restaurants and bars to keep their current seating capacity, but reduce the customer density.

"We're emailing people, we're putting it out on social media, and we're also charging no fee for this because we want to encourage them to get these permits to help them through the summer," said Oshkosh City Manager Mark Rohloff.

If you're interested in applying for a TUP, you can do so by


Officials add the planned review time for the permit applications is two to three days.

Anyone with questions regarding the permits can call 20-236-5059, or send an e-mail to


The TUPs related to COVID-19 will expire on October 1, 2020.

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