Teenager wins 2019 Artstreet logo contest

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) – Every summer, creativity comes to life at Artstreet in downtown Green Bay. The logo for the event is chosen through a contest, and this year a 15-year-old girl from Green Bay won.

“I really wanted the colors to be like the main parts, so I spent a lot of time choosing them and mixing them, and then I wanted the actual picture to look like downtown, and the flags, we have those so I incorporated that into the painting,” said Elizabeth Morris, winner of the 2019 Artstreet Image Design Contest.

Southwest High School student Elizabeth Morris entered the contest as part of her final art project at school, but art has always been a part of her life.

“My mom is an art teacher, so ever since I was little there's been art all around our family,” said Morris.

Morris said she was overwhelmed to learn her painting will be the 2019 Artstreet logo. Out of 50 entries, Mosaic Arts, Inc. chose it because it stood out.

“Hers was really different. You could see the brush stroke, and I think that's what really jumped out at us,” said Silvija Jensen, executive director at Mosaic Arts, Inc.

Jensen said talent is all around us.

“Art is such an important element in our life. You look around and you see it everywhere, you see it in the murals, you see it in every element of life, and in some instances it's great for mental health, it's used for therapy,” said Jensen.

Artstreet features about 200 artists and kicks off August 23.