Teachers finding ways to stay connected with students

Published: Mar. 25, 2020 at 2:08 PM CDT
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The transition of not being able to see and teach students in person has been hard for many educators in our area, but some teachers are finding new ways to stay connected.

Action 2 News spoke to 6th grade Green Bay Bilingual teacher, Sarah Pamperin who is feeling the strain of not getting to be in a classroom with her students.

"Just very sad, I really miss my students, I call them all my babies, they know I love them, and it's been really hard so I've been trying to just to video chat with them," said Pamperin.

She's also helping out with district-wide food deliveries, going along her route and including some special things in each bag, too.

"So, I kind of just mapped out a route, of the families that reached out to me on Google maps, and then just kind of follow my little route every day," said Pamperin.

She said her fellow teachers are working together, better than ever, while navigating the unknown.

"My colleagues have been awesome we've all been working together and sharing resources and being there for each other and that's been really important, for all of us in terms of our emotional health, but also just how we're going to navigate this new journey together," said Pamperin.

While there's a lot of uncertainty, she knows there's at least ways to stay connected with her students, future lesson plans included.

"Everyday I'm going to be offering the group chat, so we can kind of go over what we're supposed to do and then every morning I am going to Google Hangout my lesson for students so they can access it either in real time or at their leisure because we all know they all have a lot of things going on at home too," said Pamperin.

To Pamperin it's important to keep that connection, even if it's from a distance.

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