Target 2 Consumer Alert: Strangers in your neighborhood wanting to 'help'

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) – Action 2 News has a Target 2 Consumer Alert about strangers in your neighborhood. Once again we're cleaning up damage after strong storms.

Consumer experts say those neighborhoods that were hit often get flooded with out of town contractors who chase storms.

They're not always licensed, and could be using substandard materials.
The Better Business Bureau said always check references and never pay in full up-front, or with cash.

Something else to keep in mind is work is underway for the 2020 Census that means you could get a knock on your door. Black Creek police posted on Facebook letting people know they may see strangers walking around. They told Action 2 News they don't know when census workers would be in Black Creek, but they put out the alert to let people know.

Those real census workers will have a photo I.D, so ask to see it before you give out any information. The Census Bureau wasn't able to tell Action 2 News when workers will be in specific areas, but again they will have proper identification.

Another warning: Neenah police has a warning about Equifax scammers.

Action 2 News first told you in a Target 2 Consumer Alert about scams arising from the new $700 million Equifax settlement.

Neenah police posted on Facebook stating the scammers are now sending phishing attacks. They are in the form of emails that look like they come from Equifax and when you click on links, it takes you to a fake website that looks like Equifax, but it'll steal your personal information. The only way to file a claim is for you to go directly to the claim website.