Target 2 Consumer Alert: One-ring phone scam is back

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - The one-ring phone scam is back. Returning that call could result in unexpected charges on your phone bill. In this Target 2 Consumer Alert, read how you can protect yourself and learn about the most popular scams in Wisconsin.

The one-ring scam that Target 2 has told you about over the years is back. The Federal Trade Commission is getting flooded with reports of these calls that stop after just one ring.

The FTC said it's an international call coming in bursts, often in the middle of the night. The scammer is hoping you're curious and call back. If you call the number, you could end up with fees on your phone bill with most of the money going to the scammer. The charges are per minute, similar to calling a ‘900’ number. If you call back, they'll likely play a recording with a long message to try and keep you on the line, racking up more charges.

Check your phone bill for charges you don't recognize. If you fell victim, the FTC says to call your cell phone company try to explain and get a refund. If that doesn't work file a complaint with the FTC and FCC.

You've probably heard a version of a message on a social security scam call that says, “Suspend you social security number on an immediate basis as we have received suspicious trails on information in your name.”

Action 2 News has reported the exhausting explosion of this scam in recent months. It's the number one complaint into the Wisconsin Department of Consumer Protection for the month of April. That’s seven times as many social security scam reports, than IRS calls.

The number 2 scam: Utility scams. If you have any questions call your utility company. They won't demand immediate payment. It isn't just homeowners, its businesses getting targeted too.

The third most popular scam is the Microsoft Tech support scam. If they're telling you there's a virus or issue with your computer that's a scam. Always call the real company. If you think there's an issue call your utility company.

Don't ever call back the number they give you. Once you do that, you can give the scammers more ammunition to target you and keep calling your number.