Consumer Alert: Expedia scams

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - Are you searching for a summer vacation deal? Beware a new travel scam.

People like to take advantage of deals on travel websites like Expedia. But now the Better Business Bureau warns that Expedia impostors are taking advantage of people across the country.

The BBB Facebook page shares several reports in just the past several days from people who lost thousands of dollars because of fake Expedia ads and phone numbers.

Here's how the scam works:

Customers looking for information on their booking or a refund search for a customer service phone number for Expedia, then they're presented with fake ads and websites with phone numbers set up by imposters.

When they call, the person on the other end acts as a customer service representative. The impostors say the Expedia website isn't working properly and if customers want a refund they need to buy gift cards.

The BBB has reports from people in 17 states who lost about $10,000.

None are reported in Wisconsin but there were victims in neighboring states.

Expedia says it's working with the BBB to shut down the scammers and the fake ads.

Make sure that you're doing business with the real Expedia website. One tell-tale sign it's a scam is if you're asked to pay with a gift card or told you'll get money back using a gift card.