Target 2 Consumer Alert: Data Privacy Day

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - As we reported earlier this week, Green Bay police are investigating a cyber-attack at a local company. It's just one case emphasizing the importance of cyber security. It's so important, there's an international campaign designating Sunday, "Data Privacy Day"-- focusing on personal privacy.

We are constantly logging on and with each online account you expand your digital footprint. To remind everyone how important it is your track what's out there, Data Privacy Day was created.

"That should be your anniversary of changing passwords. Spend a half hour, change your passwords, be done with it,” said Mike Teske, IT & Security Instructor at NWTC.

Think of it as a password purge. Teske emphasized it's important to make all of your passwords different.

“Don't use the same password on every single account. Don't use your work (email) address to do your online shopping,” said Teske.

Teske said to not ignore updates and notifications.

“It's that little notification in the lower right hand corner of your window and people just ignore it. The newer versions of operating systems, just like our phones and whatnot, they push the updates down whether we want them or not,” said Teske.

Consumer experts say this is also a good time to delete apps you don't use. Go through your tablet or phone, and you can do this along with your kids too.

Having unused out of date apps could threaten your accounts or devices.