Target 2 Consumer Alert: BBB releases job scam report information

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - It's the scam costing more people more money: job scams. According to a new report from the Better Business Bureau they are the riskiest scams.

“These are really the people who can least afford to fall victim to a scam and to lose money,” said Susan Bach with the Wisconsin Better Business Bureau.

Job scams are getting more deceptive and costly. There were 50,0000 complaints filed last year on the Better Business Bureau's Scamtracker on its website.

Employment scams are rising to the top, named the riskiest scam of 2018.

“Across many different demographics it was the complaint that lost the most money for people,” said Bach.

Action 2 News profiled two victims of job scams in our Target 2 Consumer Alerts:

"I really did think it was a real job. It was exciting, and obviously a big letdown once I found it wasn't real,” said Bridget Turner.

They are always convincing conversations, online interviews, even testing. There are elaborate schemes leading them to believe they had landed the perfect job.

“Heartbroken, heartbroken, my gosh my whole way of life would change with money like that coming into the house,” said Patty Comperini when talking about a fake job hiring scam.

Fortunately, neither person lost money and both filed complaints with the BBB to warn others.

Bach with the Better business Bureau said they're finding a trend in scammers impersonating familiar names.

“We did get a lot of reports into our Scamtracker portal from people thinking they were going to work at home for Amazon,” said Bach.

Bach urges people to research a company and be suspicious of offers too good to be true, and setting up a personal account is a sign it's a scam.

“We know these scammers are really tech savvy whether it's apps, social media, email of course, online websites, they are really are quite tech savvy and it's hard to keep up with them,” said Bach.