Target 2 Consumer Alert: Storm chasers and sweepstakes scams

Published: Jun. 18, 2017 at 2:19 PM CDT
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The National Weather Service says several tornadoes hit our area last week.

Consumer experts say its a perfect opportunity for door-to-door storm chasers.

We know the mess after the storm often attracts workers from out of state.

They go door-to-door promising quick help, asking for money up front and sometime leave without finishing a job.

The Wisconsin Department of Consumer Protection says never let them into your home and don't give in to their high pressure pitches.

It's best to get referrals and get a contract in writing.

You'll want to check with the state department of consumer protection or the Better Business Bureau.

Wisconsin also has a storm chaser law that protects people.

Also this week, the Wisconsin Better Business Bureau tells us there's an increase in the Publishers Clearing House scam.

It says it's a legitimate sweepstakes company that's awarded more than $225 million in cash and prizes.

Unfortunately, sometimes criminals try to cash in on their good name.

If you get a call and someone tells you you're a winner, but first you have to pay fees, it's a sign it's a scam.

Publishers Clearing House is free to enter.

The Wisconsin BBB says this is an old scam, but reports of these fake calls are picking up.

Never send money to someone you don't know and remember they're not calling you in advance.

You'll know you're a winner when Publishers Clearing House prize patrol shows up at your door to surprise you with that big check.