Taliesin’s Board of Directors votes to keep school open

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SPRING GREEN, Wis. (WMTV)- The architecture school that architect Frank Lloyd Wright started nearly 90-years-ago will stay open.

The School of Architecture at Taliesin and its Board of Directors voted on Friday to rescind its Jan. 25, 2020 vote to close the school.

Taliesin West and Taliesin were legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright's home and school in the desert until his death in 1959 at age 91. Today there are the campuses of The School of Architecture at Taliesin (formerly named the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture), one of the best known architectural schools in the nation, in Arizona and Wisconsin.

Taliesin’s Board of Directors voted to close the school on Jan. 25, 2020 because the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, which owns the land the school is on, informed the School it would not renew its Memorandum of Understanding between the two parties. That Memorandum acted as the School’s lease, and its termination as of July 31, 2020 left the Board had no recourse without these campuses.

The Board cited multiple reasons for reversing the decision to close the school. The School has the strong possibility of major additional funding and students from several sources. The Board also determined that it can and will ask for mediation to resolve any issues that might prevent the renewal of the Memorandum of Understanding.

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