Taking a brief swing at Spring

LEDGEVIEW, Wis (WBAY) The "whap" of a golf club against a ball is a sweet sound for anyone who loves to golf and has felt cooped up over the winter.

Wednesday in Ledgeview, golfers hit the links in droves and teed off.

But there's just one problem, Wednesday was likely the only day in the foreseeable future where golfing weather was in the forecast.

Larry Vick, who's waited months to take his first swing on a golf course, made sure today, his calendar was clear.

"It's one day right, it's better than none," said Vick from De Pere.

That sentiment is shared by dozens at Ledgeview Golf Course.

"Yes, the phone has been ringing pretty steadily all week, and today was the day everybody was asking for. It's awesome to see the guys you haven't seen in six months," said Steve Payant, Ledgeview Golf Course Director of Golf.

"Looked at the forecast for the next week or so and it's not good, so it has to be today, half a day of work, yep, looking forward to it," added golfer Eric Brezinski from Green Bay.

Some arriving with clubs decided to go all out to celebrate this brief taste of spring.

"What's up with the shorts?" we asked Brady Van Ess from Howard, who answered, "I don't know, I just decided to wear shorts, it's nice out for Wisconsin, so 50 is nice for me."

Thanks to its elevation and exposure to winds, Ledgeview is traditionally one of the area's first golf courses to open.

Others, like Mid Vallee Golf Course, aren't quite there yet.

"Weather forecast coming in we didn't really think it was good for just 24 hours to open up and then possible damage to occur," said Eric Smith, Mid Vallee's golf operations manager. "Our target date usually is around April 1st. Unfortunately, I don't think we're going to be able to hit that this year."

Even those lucky enough to hit the course Wednesday realized it could be some time before they're back on the links.

"I'll have to wait until like mid-April or the first of May to do my second time," said Vick.