CONSUMER ALERT: Social Security runs TV campaign about phone scam

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - It's the scam of the summer: Social Security calls. A new effort to make this a losing scam is coming from the Social Security Administration.

Pixabay / MGN

Social Security scam calls are the top complaint to the Wisconsin consumer protection hotline for the past three months, so it's likely you've heard one of these calls.

They claim your Social Security number has been suspended, or your Social Security account is being deactivated.

The Social Security Administration is fighting back with a new campaign to warn people. You'll see these public service announcements on WBAY-TV.

"Scammers are aggressive once they make contact with a potential victim," an announcer warns in the video from the SSA (watch the full video at the end of this article).

Scammers will "spoof" -- or fake -- phone numbers, so your Caller ID might say the call is coming from the Social Security Administration.

Don't pick up. Let these calls go to voicemail. Do not call back the phone number they give you.

While Target 2 continues to report on scams like these -- and we have for years -- it is important that you spread the word, too. Tell your parents, grandparents, people at your church or anyone you know.

Real Social Security employees will not threaten you.

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