TARGET 2 Consumer Alert: IRS warns about tax scams

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - We're moving into tax time and this week the IRS put out several scam alerts. They've received nearly 1,000 complaints about fake emails involving W-2's.

The IRS took to Twitter this week with several new tax time alerts saying cyber criminals are always searching for new tactics and to watch your emails.

The IRS has more than 900 reports of a new email scheme targeting Hotmail users. It looks like it's from the IRS, but it leads you to a fake Microsoft page asking for personal and financial information.

Also another alert where schools, restaurants, hospitals, tribal groups and other businesses have been scammed. Emails use a company officer's name, trying to trick payroll or human resources offices into giving out W-2 information. According to the IRS more than 200 employers fell victim to this type of phishing scam last year.

The IRS is calling it one of the most dangerous phishing emails because once someone gets that W-2 information they could file a fraudulent tax return.

If you get an email asking you to update online financial accounts directing you to download a document or saying you have a refund or the IRS needs information about your insurance policy, the IRS says they're all fake.

Also, a reminder that those fake threatening phone calls claiming to be from the IRS tend to spike this time of year.