Syble Hopp Students Tackle Packers Drills

DE PERE, Wis (WBAY) Packers players may have had the day off, but some of their biggest supporters sure worked up a sweat.

That's what the Packers Youth Football Outreach Camp is all about, getting kids active.

It make for an afternoon students at Syble Hopp school in De Pere won't forget anytime soon.

Like the vast majority of us, they will never play professional football.

But the camp's goal is to inspire physical activity.

"Whether they decide the want to play football, whether they decide they want to do something else, we just want these kids to be out here, have fun, be active and have a good time with their friends," says Ryan Fencl, Packers Football Outreach Specialist.

Packers staff and volunteers lead students through a series of training camp-like drills.

For students at Syble Hopp, who have intellectual or other developmental disabilities, it's an opportunity to show their team spirit, and to be themselves.

"For some of our student that may have some sensory issues, that may not want to take on the full Packer experience at another location, this is a safe place to do it at school, nearby and with their peers, so they can have a lot of fun," says Abbie Nizzia, Syble Hopp Principal.

Throughout the year, the Packers hold 30 outreach camps at schools around the state in conjunction with the NFL Play 60 program.

This one, at Syble Hopp, is a Packers favorite.

"The one camp that we come back to year after year, just you see the joy on these kids faces and see how much fun they have, it makes you be real happy about coming out here, why you're doing what you're doing," says Fencl.