Suspected drug dealer busted after broadcasting sales ​on Facebook live​

Published: Oct. 12, 2017 at 5:26 AM CDT
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A 40-minute Facebook video shows drugs, guns and more on the streets of Milwaukee, but now the man who recorded it is charged with running a mobile drug house.

Police said Jeff Kirk used his car as his office, and his cellphone as a transmitter, to broadcast his drug dealing. According to a criminal complaint, last month, Kirk broadcast a 40-minute feed as he drove around town selling marijuana while armed with a semi-automatic rifle and handgun.

The video doesn't appear on Kirk's Facebook page now, but someone recorded it, and gave it to police who moved in.

"When I saw these guys come out, I said, 'Whoa, am I watching a TV program here or what?" a neighbor said.

The neighbor said he was outside raking when a heavily armed crew of ATF and FBI agents, and Milwaukee police officers, shut down his street.

"They were serious. They had serious firepower there. An M16 will pulverize your flesh," the neighbor said.

Police arrested Kirk at his girlfriend's house where they said they seized two guns, a bulletproof vest, marijuana and $1,400 cash.

At Kirk's house, relatives defended him.

"Were they running drugs out of this house?" WISN 12 News' Colleen Henry asked. "No running drugs out the house, no. Its called harassment," one relative said.

Kirk is now is the Milwaukee County Jail facing eight felonies.

Police said the Facebook live video showed Kirk driving up to his home, where a woman he called mom brought him a bag of marijuana.

That video could be played at Kirk's next court appearance.