Surprise Christmas gift sends Hartman Twins to Packers/Vikings game Saturday

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NEWTON, Wis. (WBAY) -- A rivalry across borders, like the Packers vs. Vikings game Saturday, often brings fun rivalry stories to the surface, including a set of twin brothers from Manitowoc County that will be in attendance.

Twins Nathan and Jason Hartman have a lot in common, growing up on a farm in Newton.

“They both have cerebral palsy and both have had several surgeries,” said Diane Hartman, the twin’s mother.

But if there’s one thing that sets them apart, it’s football.

“I get constant grief because I wear Vikings clothes constantly,” said Nathan Hartman, a Vikings fan.

“I’ve been a Packers fan probably since Brett Favre,” said Jason Hartman, a Packers fan.

So with a house divided, you can only imagine the sibling rivalry when the Packers take on the Vikings.

“Gotta give him a hard time you know,” said Nathan.

“Gets heated sometimes,” said Jason.

“They used to sit in the living room, bickering back and forth nicely,” said Diane. “It was like, ugh.”

Diane thought getting the guys their own rooms and TV’s would help, but that didn’t go as planned.

“Well now they are yelling and screaming back and forth to each other instead,” said Diane. “It hasn’t stopped, but it just got louder.”

When the teams face off on the field, Diane even wears a special vest a church friend gave her that is half Vikings and half Packers fabric.

“I can’t favor one son over the other,” said Diane.

But of course, she said it’s all in good fun, just like the secret she’s been hiding from the twins for six months.

Because the Hartman’s have been giving their milk to Sartori for decades, a Plymouth-based cheese company, the entire family usually attends the company’s Christmas Party every year.

“Probably all of them but one,” said Diane.

But this year’s was different for the Hartman brothers thanks to a family friend and Sartori. The twins received tickets to the upcoming Packers/Vikings game this Saturday at Lambeau Field.

“It felt really good to be able to walk over and hand the tickets to them and just see the look on their faces,” said JR Neu, a Sartori representative. “Just something we thought was worth it.”

“I was pretty much in shock,” said Jason. “I didn’t have anything going through my head but shock.”

Nathan said he was so excited he couldn’t even sleep that night.

“My brain just kept thinking of the different players and coaches I could see,” said Nathan.

Luckily he has a few more days to rest up before the bib match-up Saturday night.