Sudan reaches settlement with Cole families; FdL sailor among victims

Marc Nieto of Fond du Lac was killed in the 2000 USS Cole attack.

(WBAY) - Sudan's government has reached a settlement with families of the victims of the USS Cole bombing, according to The Associated Press.

Seventeen U.S. Navy sailors were killed in the Oct. 12, 2000 attack in Yemen's Aden harbor. Among those sailors was Marc Nieto of Fond du Lac.

Thirty-nine sailors were injured.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Marc Nieto at the Wisconsin Veterans Museum website.

Sudan's Justice Ministry said the settlement includes compensation for the families of the dead and wounded.

Bombers steered a boat of explosives into the USS Cole as it was in the Yemeni port. Terror organization al-Qaida claimed responsibility.

At the time, Sudan was accused of supporting al-Qaida. The U.S. considers the country a state sponsor of terror.

The AP reports Sudan's move to settle is "a bid to have the African country taken off the U.S. terrorism list and improve relations with the West."

There were no immediate details of how much the families will get in the settlement.