Sturgeon Bay granary on the move

Published: Mar. 12, 2018 at 4:28 PM CDT
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People in Sturgeon Bay are breathing a sigh of relief, as the city’s historical granary is officially saved.

Action 2 News has been following the story for five months, after the Sturgeon Bay City Council and Sturgeon Bay Historical Society went back and forth deciding what to do with the building.

It all started in October, when the city’s fire chief issued a “raze order,” saying the granary was too dangerous to stay. After that, the City Council spent months working to either relocate it or tear it down.

Last week, the Historical Society announced a private donor had purchased the granary, with plans to move it to a lot across the bay.

“It’s just a process, and we need people’s help to help us move this. And I think we’re there,” says Pat Drury, of Drury Designs.

This marks the second historical granary Drury has relocated and helped save. He has been following the project since October, and seen firsthand how contentious the process has been.

“I think certain people wanted it gone and done, and that was their agenda. I don't think this building was going to fall down any time soon,” he says.

After months of negotiations, the $400 thousand project is underway, where the granary will be relocated.

Work on the building began on Sunday, where construction are working to remove the first floor of the building.

“It doesn't really entail too much. We just throw a couple beams in there and a couple wheels, and get it moved,” says Jason Devooght, CEO of Devooght House and Building Movers.

Crews will raise the granary up six inches, and remove the dilapidated first floor of the building. After that, they will transport it across the Oregon Street Bridge, bringing it to its new location on the other side of the bay.

People we spoke to say it’s “surreal” to see the granary saved, but are excited to see what’s next for the historical building.

“It will become a tourist destination,” says Hans Christian, Sturgeon Bay. “It'll become a gathering spot for our local community and I believe it will probably spur some really interesting development in that area too.”

Crews tell Action 2 News the granary will likely be lifted on Wednesday, and moved to its new location in the next two weeks.