Sturgeon Bay company saves woman from spending $8K towards scam

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STURGEON BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - At Pack and Ship Plus, owner Julie Henry said they've stopped a total of $63,000 in scams this year.

"There's people that don’t really know where it's going to,” Henry said. “They don't really admit that it's cash, but you can kind of feel it's cash."

Henry said on Monday an elderly woman almost gave away $8,000. Making that $8,080.

"She was sending it to, like, a business,” said Henry. “She didn't have a phone number for them, and she was willing to spend over $80 just to get it over to them the next day."

Henry said she listened to her intuition.

"After she left I just had a suspicious feeling,” said Henry, “so I opened it up and surely there was an envelope full of cash."

Sturgeon Bay Police said the scammers pretended to be a part of a tech support company, Geek Squad, and told the woman she had a virus on her computer.

Captain Dan Brinkman said the community is lucky to have businesses that care about their customers.

""It's business owners like that that we need to be our eyes and ears out there as well, and they're becoming more and more educated and they're protecting their customers, too," Brinkman said.

Henry said he staff at Pack and Ship Plus go out of their way to protect customers because it's the right thing to do.

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