Sturgeon Bay City Council votes to dismantle historic Granary

Published: Nov. 21, 2017 at 4:01 PM CST
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Sturgeon Bay's historical Granary building will be dismantled and the city will take proposals on how to repurpose the 116-year-old building.

The City Council on Tuesday heard from concerned residents before voting 4-3 to pass a motion to dismantle the building and store it for a year.

After the holidays, the city will accept bids from contractors to dismantle the Granary.

The city will also take proposals on how to repurpose it.

Citizens came to the council to support saving the Granary from demolition. They support having a structural analysis completed on the building.

"I think we ended up doing the right thing by dismantling it, because I think if you do an engineering inspection of this facility, you’re going to have so much internal repair. It’s not going to resemble the building in any way," said Alderman David Ward, District 3.

In August, the Granary was listed on the Wisconsin Registry of Historical Places.

In October, Sturgeon Bay's fire chief issued a 30-day raze order for the Granary. Chief Tim Dietman said high winds made the century-old building dangerous.

Soon after, the Sturgeon Bay Historical Society announced a family had pledged $1.25 million toward saving the Granary, contingent on the city and the historical society working together to find a long-term solution for the building.

Earlier this month, the council voted to delay demolition in favor of a structural analysis. This motion does away with that vote.

The raze order called for the Granary to be demolished by Nov. 24. The council hopes their motion will help them avoid fines.

"This motion we made to, I guess salvage the building, will show the state department that we have to really answer to with this raze order, that we’re trying to do something and buy us some time, so we aren’t getting citations every day," says Alderperson Kelly Catarozoli, District 1.