Students at Seymour join mohawk challenge to spread mental health awareness

Published: May. 23, 2017 at 5:30 PM CDT
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Some full heads of hair took a transformation today at Seymour High School.

It was a Mohawk Party.

"The reason why we're doing the Mohawks is to talk about the brain underneath it," said Nadine Machkovech of Rise Together.

Its apart of the 1 Million Mohawk Challenge.

Two mental health awareness groups, Rise Together from the Fox Valley and The You Rock Foundation out of New Jersey, launched it.

"The reason why we're bringing up this conversation is so that people can understandthat they don't have to do it alone, that there are other people out there who get it and there's help out there for you to receive," said Machkovech.

And the message is clear.

People are standing up against the stigma surrounding mental health.

Like counselors and students at Seymour High School.

"Mental health affects a lot of our kids and families and it's so hard to talk about because people feel that shame, they feel like something's wrong with them but mental health is so treatable," said Theresa Van Dyke, School Counselor at Seymour Schools.

"I think it shows people that you can stand up for yourself or other people if you actually have too," said April Crooks, junior at Seymour High School.

Rise together says around 200-300 people including bands and musicians have taken the challenge so far since it started earlier this month.

The 1 Million Mohawk Challenge will continue through the summer and organizers say it’s easy to get involved,"

"You can go right online website and you can see all of the awesome individuals that have already gotten involved or you can go on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and do the #1millionmohawks," said Machkovech.