Strawberry season is here

Published: Jun. 22, 2020 at 2:36 PM CDT
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If picking strawberries is one of your annual traditions, now is the time to head to your favorite patch.

In the world of strawberries, the time couldn't be sweeter.

"Say from now, for the next 10-14 days, that's the time to get out," says Michael Moder-Wright, owner of Moder's Gardens in Suamico.

Moder's Gardens opened for strawberry picking on Friday, and say ever since, the turnout has been great.

Due to COVID-19 though, this strawberry season is different.

"Some people come and wear masks, but not everyone, and some people ask to just go farther away from people," says Brooklyn Moder-Wirght, who helps run the business during the summer.

"Yes we are out in the open atmosphere, we do spacing, we try and maintain the six feet, try to skip every other row or let people get ahead so that you can pick in the next row," adds Michael Moder-Wright.

With everyone in the fields spaced out, the majority of pickers appear comfortable to gather their berries without wearing a mask.

For some, that creates a level of concern.

"To protect everybody else and I kind of think it protects yourself too, but I guess it's a matter of choice, you make choices all your life," says Marie Cook from Green Bay.

"Virus just keeps getting bigger and bigger, and you'd think people would at least wear a mask," adds husband Dick Cook.

Mask, or no mask, strawberry season is now in full swing.

Moder-Wright says he's grateful the Safer at Home restrictions from this spring are not keeping customers away.

"The berries come no matter what, so yeah that would've made the season very bad," says Moder-Wright.

Moder's Gardens says after a couple of wet and rainy springs that led to below average crops, this year's strawberry crop is in good shape.

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