Staying safe in freezing weather

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DE PERE, Wis. (WBAY) -- Freezing temperatures outside likely caused most of us to stay indoors on Christmas Day this year.

That’s because temperatures in Northeast Wisconsin are in the single digits, with negative wind chills over the next few days.

Click here to view the Wind Chill Advisory.

Action 2 News caught up with area emergency responders, who remind us the importance of staying safe in such freezing temperatures.

“It’s a nice day out, it’s just cold. And if you take the precautions, everything should be good,” says Lt. Tom Hendricks, De Pere Fire Rescue.

“Go about your normal activities, but just take the precautions. Make sure you wear enough clothes when you're outside going doing what you're doing. Make sure everything's bundled up. Any skin that's exposed is going to be a problem, you know, if you're out there too long.”

Lt. Hendricks says weather this cold could potentially increase the risk for fires, as everyone is inside trying to keep warm.

“When it gets colder out, people are going to stoke their fireplaces up a little bit more,” he says. “Hopefully you cleaned them up before the season started, and we don't run into any chimney fires.”

Make sure to clean out your fireplace before starting up any fires, and remember to monitor any space heaters you use.

When you do leave the house, Lt. Hendricks suggests bringing all the essentials in your vehicle.

“Hopefully you’ve taken enough precautions to have enough clothes with you, have a cell phone that's ready to go. Things like that,” he says.

He also reminds us to drive with a full, or nearly full gas tank, to prevent your gas line from freezing. Another good idea is to bring extra winter wear into your car, in the event that you do get stranded.


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