St. Norbert, UW-Oshkosh offer free online tutoring for K-12 students

Published: Mar. 24, 2020 at 3:56 PM CDT
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Starting Wednesday, more than 100 education students from St. Norbert College and UW-Oshkosh will be offering free, online tutoring for any student from kindergarten level to seniors in high school.

With the COVID-19 crisis affecting us and schools shut down, education leaders at St. Norbert College and UW-Oshkosh identified a current need, they feel is a perfect match.

"We have education students, teacher candidates who are ready to go into the field and contribute to society, but on the other hand you also have parents and family members and school districts that are trying to put pieces together to ensure learning continues," says Dr. Bold Delano-Oriaran, an Associate Professor of Teacher Education at St. Norbert College.

Dr. Delano-Oriaran says more than 100 college education students from St. Norbert and UW-Oshkosh will provide free, online tutoring to K-12 children all over the country.

So far, more than 130 families have already signed up, all across the United States.

"From Michgan and Detroit, from Maryland, from Georgia, from Wisconsin, from Illinois and the numbers just keep growing so this is what we are really supposed to do as institutions of higher education, we are supposed to respond to our communities, all of us are in this crisis together," says Dr. Delano-Oriaran.

We also spoke with one education student, who says they're in need of help in multiple subjects.

"I actually have two children already, I have a second grader from Fond du Lac and a fifth grader from Green Bay. They both need help in reading, phonics and math, so I'll be focusing on the three of those things," says Sara Allaire, an early childhood education student at St. Norbert College.

Allaire is a junior, and says without traditional college classes right now, online tutoring offers her a great experience.

"It's kind of like a very respectful thing, it's very nice they're trusting us with this and it also gives us a bigger responsibility that I think we're all ready to take on," says Allaire.

"Our future educators are winners because they also continue with their own learning process and they are acquiring skills, our K-12 students, they're winners too because the learning continues based on areas that their parents and educators have identified that is needed."

to register for the online program.