'Soooooo Much Toilet Paper' helps kids better understand a pandemic

Published: May. 20, 2020 at 2:29 PM CDT
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Explaining the pandemic to your kids might be a little tricky and even as the world around them reopens things may not be the same for a while, but a Wisconsin native and her partner have found a way to talk help parents talk about it by writing a children's book.

'Sooooooo Much Toilet Paper' is written and illustrated by Greta Davis and Makenzi Jordan Rodriguez. It is dedicated to 'All children whose curiosity helps frame world events in a simpler and more meaningful way.'

In the book we see the pandemic unfold through the eyes of a little boy.

“I was really dying for something to do to help my patients in some way, and we were thinking what better than creating a children's book to explain what's going on,” said Davis.

Living in California, Davis is a 3rd year medical student, a Waukesha native, and Rodriguez is a former nanny. They wanted to give kids, and even parents or teachers, a resource for the world we now live in. The book has lessons on hoarding, personal hygiene, social isolation, and empathy toward others.

“He's learning all of these things like one week they go to the store and get all this toilet paper, and the next they get all the hand sanitizer, next all the milk and the eggs, and then he learns the repercussions of ‘wow this wasn't supposed to happen, because now everyone else is suffering from not having enough’,” said Jordan Rodriguez.

Their dog Rosie is also an inspiration for the book. There’s even a reminder about the importance of supporting our neighbors who own businesses.

The book is sold on Amazon and all the proceeds will support health and education initiatives, including here in Wisconsin.

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