Soccer equipment: Ball, cleats, net, shovels

FC Menasha Crush soccer team poses during practice on April 5, 2018 (Photo: Mather Zickler)

MENASHA, Wis. (WBAY) - After the snow storm this week, soccer practice requires some new gear: shovels.

WBAY Facebook friend Mather Zickler shared this photo of the FC Menasha Crush at practice on Thursday. Besides their regular equipment, like cleats, coach Andy Vandenboogard asked the players to bring snow shovels.

Five-and-a-half inches of snow fell in Menasha, according to reports provided to StormCenter 2.

Zickler says the 90-minute practice ended with a snowball fight.

The Menasha team is practicing for the Puma Champions Cup tournament this weekend in Rockford, Illinois. The games are outdoors, but Zickler says there's no snow on the ground in Rockford.

Nevertheless, Puma Cup organizers are encouraging teams to bring extra equipment: hats and gloves.

The FC Menasha Crush are currently ranked fifth in the state, according to

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