Snowstorms pushing people to bars

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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - It was still snowing in Green Bay late Tuesday night. Snow still covered the roads, and with the blowing and drifting it even covered streets and driveways that were already plowed and shoveled.

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But it wasn't enough to convince some people to hunker down at home for another night.

Week after week, the snow and cold have forced people indoors. But after a brutal cold and getting buried in another deep snowfall, some said nothing was going to stop them from getting out of the house.

"Oh heck, no," said Mark Hartley, who we met at Sidekicks Bar and Grill. "I gotta see my buddies, so that's why we're out here tonight."

"After that snap was done, we had a nice surge of people who wanted to get out. Cabin fever," Michelle Oren, a bartender and server at The Abbey Bar and Grill, said, "and now with the snow today especially, we had a nice lunch rush. I think people wanted to get out, especially in businesses that are local."

With business closures all around the area due to the weather, some say part of the adventure was finding a place with the lights on.

"We stopped by to get something to eat. We were gonna go to a pizza place but it was closed, so the weather is affecting the businesses," Don Penza, another patron at Sidekicks, said.

Some college students said snow days like this can't be wasted on homework.

St. Norbert College students Sara Duval and Anna Kaftan said, "I mean, it's a snow day, so you have to go out and have a good time."

"People were just ready to not be at home -- to, you know, be able to un-thaw a little bit and have a few drinks and meet out with friends," Oren said.

Bar patrons said reaching their favorite watering hole was worth it. Some even enjoyed the drive.

"It was kind of treacherous, but it's worth it. We live in the townhouses, so they're not that far, so it's like just a walk down the street, so not too bad," Duval and Kaftan said.

"I like this weather. I mean... I like driving in this weather for me, but most people don't," Penza said.

"The crews did a really good job of making the roads passable today, so we were able to get here today with no problem," said Hartley.

Cabin fever or not, the Department of Transportation is still advising people to avoid all travel if possible. If you do have to venture out, remember to add extra time for traveling, go slowly, and brake early.

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