Snowstorm delivers white gold to snowmobile trails

KEWAUNEE COUNTY, Wis. (WBAY) - All the recent snow and fairly decent temperatures combine for perfect conditions to snowmobile.

That distinct sound of winter, as snowmobiles blaze along freshly groomed trails, is music to the ears of businesses perfectly positioned along snowmobile trails in Kewaunee County.

It's been a long time since local trails have stayed open for extended periods of time.

"We haven't had decent snow, good snow to ride or play around here for at least a good three years, something more than a couple days!" says David Simonar, laughing.

Several inches of new snow brings in plenty of new business at Simonar Sports in Luxemburg.

"Even yesterday, with the kids not having school and that, they were out using the trails pretty good. They were driving in here and looking for oils and spark plugs and belts and new stuff, just in case they convince mom to buy them a new one," says Simonar.

Despite it being a little late in the season, Simonar says the idea of avoiding a road trip north and just hopping out the back door is exactly what not just riders wanted but fellow businesses.

"It's good for everybody. Next door at the gas station, I watched there yesterday. There was two, three, four snowmobiles getting gas all the time," he says.

"We're going to enjoy it while we've have it," says Lee Derenne, owner of Augie's Bar and Grill in Luxemburg.

Just down the road from Simonar, employees at Augie's are just as excited.

The popular stop along Kewaunee County's trails is prepping for what it hopes is a long stretch of steady business.

"Yesterday was busy, and this weekend should be good. A lot of people will be out riding," says Derenne.

There's just one drawback to being the one running these businesses.

"I have help that wants to go riding, too, so they're off hitting the trails and I'll be working," laughs Derenne.

"Too busy here. Hopefully Sunday lets me go. We'll see how it goes," says Simonar.

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