Snow storm draws people outside to work and play

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) -- Action 2 News received mixed reactions when talking to people on Sunday about the latest round of snow. Some people spent time outside clearing the snow left behind whiled others took the opportunity to have some fun.

It has become somewhat routine for Tom Schwartz to find himself outside this winter. "Cleaning the snow, as usual."

Homeowners across northeast Wisconsin keep their snowblowers and shovels on hand as they wait for the next snow storm to pass through.

"I'm doing the driveway, so my wife can get in when she gets done with work," said Schwartz. "And, I've got to do the sidewalk."

The storm on Saturday night left behind snow that is both heavy and easily packed. Although that is not good news for people looking to clear their driveways, some people say it is exactly the type of snow they wanted.

"Today we decided with the weather being kind of nice," said Victor Hernandez. "It wasn't too bad when we woke up, we decided we were going to come out sledding today."

Hernandez spent much of the day with his family sledding at Fireman's Park on the west side of Green Bay.

"I think it's great. I remember about thirty years ago when I was a kid, we used to come to Fireman's Hill in March," he said. "There was always snow. It's kind of nice to see it back until March again."

However, not everybody wants to see the snow stay.

"Spring, spring, and more spring," said Schwartz. "Melt this snow."