Snow falls -- and so do hardware store sales

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HOWARD, Wis. (WBAY) - It feels almost routine at this point: April means snow showers.

Snowblowers on hardware store floor (WBAY photo)

Some businesses are feeling the downside, forcing some extra work and a change in sales. One business in Howard saw sales drop because they were already thinking spring.

"They really want to get out in their lawns, and it's just not going to happen right now," store owner Craig Kimps said.

In the month of April, employees at Kimps Hardware are stocking fertilizer and lawnmowers.

But because of the recent snowfall, they're restocking the floors with salt and snowblowers.

"We had to put all the winter stuff away and then get ready for spring stuff, and we now have to get some of the winter stuff back out and put away some of the spring stuff so we have room for it," employee Mitchell Bemowski said.

Kimps says business was going great -- and then customer demand sharply changed.

"We sold 5 or 6 snowblowers first thing this morning, and a little bit, a few shovels that we had to dig back out of the warehouse," Kimps said.

He says many customers were excited about the warm weather and ready to tend to their yards.

"Last weekend we were selling fertilizer and lawnmowers, and today it's nothing."

Even though the weather threw a curveball, Kimps is counting on clear skies and grass greening by next weekend.

"This is Wisconsin. You just have to prepare for it," Kimps said.

And he said while weather might have messed up his business this week, it doesn't even compare to last April's blizzard.