Snow Emergency Declared in Manitowoc

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MANITOWOC, Wis. (WBAY) - Lake effect snow hits parts of Northeast Wisconsin. Places like Manitowoc and Two Rivers didn't see as much snow as Door County, but the lakeshore communities saw plenty of powder, too.

Parked cars covered in snow

The lake effect snow in Manitowoc County kept shovelers busy.

"Starting shoveling about ten after eight and shoveled until about nine, and we opened at ten so I came back out at 10:30 and there's three inches of snow again," says Andy Huletz who was clearing the snow outside of Maretti's Italian Deli.

More than 20 city plows were tackling Monday's storm, too.

Chad Scheinoha works for the city's public works department. He says, "They're battling the traffic out there today, for one. And of course some whiteout conditions at times where their visibility might only be 50 feet in front of the vehicle, so pretty treacherous conditions."

As the snow picked up and the day went on, some schools sent kids home early.

Lori Kiss tried to her kids to help shovel the walk at their house, but they had more interest in playing than working. She didn't mind, adding, "It's awesome. This is what winter should be like in Wisconsin. It hasn't been like this. I like snow."

This is the second significant lake effect snowfall the Manitowoc area has seen this winter. Officials think when all is said and done, they'll probably have almost ten inches of fresh snow. While that's a lot, it's nothing they can't handle.

Scheinoha says, "We've got all of our people, available people out right now working on the roads and our goal is to keep the main roads open and then later on this evening or into tomorrow work on our side streets."

He adds, "In a sense, it's kind of any easy one for us, if you look at it that way. It's nice, light, fluffy snow. It's not the wet, heavy. We're not dealing with ice. In a sense, if we can get an easy plowable storm, this is the kind of snow we'd like to see for plowing."

The City of Manitowoc has declared a snow emergency, meaning cars are banned from parking on the street from 1 AM until 6 AM. That will give plow crews plenty of time to get out and clear the side streets as well.

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