Small Business Revolution hosts praise Marinette-Menominee

MARINETTE, Wis. (WBAY) - The sister cities of Marinette-Menominee are out of the running for half-million dollar makeover, but the future is looking bright for these communities.

Co-host of 'Small Business Revolution-Main Street,' Amanda Brinkman, talks to the crowd at a Marinette-Menominee community-wide event in January 2019 (WBAY photo)

That's according to Ty Pennington and Amanda Brinkman. They host the show "Small Business Revolution - Main Street" on Hulu.

Marinette-Menominee made the top 10 for the grand prize $500,000 main street makeover, but they were unable to crack the top six.

The hosts toured the area in January. Brinkman and Pennington recently spoke with Action 2 News and praised Marinette and Menominee for the warm welcome their received.

"The small business owners we met, they were passionate. They hosted an incredible reception for us. I mean, I think a couple thousand people turned out to welcome town and show us how passionate they were about their community," Brinkman said. "That made a great impression on us.

"There are incredible town leaders within both Marinette and Menominee and they are well poised to continue to lead those two communities into the future. We were really impressed by that leadership. For the first time ever, the bridge that connects those two towns flew the same flag all the way across the bridge and it was this beautiful, wonderful image of Marinette-Menominee and we were just so impressed by what a program like this can do to band communities together."

The show plans to come back to Marinette-Menominee for a marketing seminar.

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