Shoppers brave snow storm for grocery needs

GREEN BAY, Wis. Some people braved the snowstorm Saturday after finding out they were short on groceries. Shoppers say they had to make a trip on slick snowy roads after missing the memo on the storm.

"I needed a few ingredients to make supper and a few things for tomorrow so I had to come to the store," said Barb Kratz, a Festival Foods shopper.

"We didn't have any food in the house, I didn't really think it was going to be that bad, it didn't seem like it was going to hit us as hard as it did," said another shopper, Cheryl DuBois.

After making the trek to the store, grocery shoppers are advising people stay off the roads.

"The road conditions are pretty bad, there's ice jags that pull the car on the side of the road, and the winds are pretty bad so it shakes the car when you drive so you have to drive extra slow," said DuBois.

"Don't drive and if you're driving, go slow, we were literally doing 15 miles an hour on Packerland, just go slow take your time," Kratz added.

Store managers say Friday was the busiest time for all their stores, they say people were coming in after work and stocking up for this weekend's snowstorm.

"Very busy in the stores yesterday, especially the evenings, people on their way home from work stocking up huge baskets of groceries so they didn't have to come out in the weather," said Nicole Milach, assistant store director at Festival Foods Green Bay West.

People who didn't go Friday say they've learned their lesson and are making sure they stock up on their snowy shopping trip.

"Yes we are definitely stocking up, my grocery list went from very short to extremely long," said Kratz.

Shoppers say that this snowstorm is one of the worst ones they've seen in Northeast Wisconsin during the spring season.

"It was a lot more snow than I thought it was going to be, it's a lot heavier and it's really hard to drive on it because of all the ice that's underneath the snow," DuBois added.

"It did pick up this afternoon a little bit, just quick meals, it looks like people are just starting to venture out be a little brave and get ready for tomorrow because it sounds like it's going to be even worse," Milach says.

If there's one thing people in the store can agree on, it's looking forward to nice warm weather.

"I have two children and a son-in-law in South Carolina and they keep calling me and telling me how nice and sunny and 80-degrees it is there and I quit answering my phone for them,” said Kratz.

I think the months are off a little bit, I feel like it is February, and I am ready for summer," Milach added.