Shipwrecked Brew Pub rises from the ashes

EGG HARBOR, Wis. (WBAY) -- Signs promoting Shipwrecked Brew Pub line Highway 42 on the way into Egg Harbor. But since last August, there hasn’t been much to see.

That is, until Tuesday.

“We just kind of got our first steps in. We got our basement laid, and the first of our structural beams went up yesterday,” says Beth Levendusky, marketing director of Shipwrecked Brew Pub.

The historical restaurant is making a comeback, as construction is finally underway on the new building.

The original Shipwrecked Brew Pub Inn has been closed since August 2017 when an electrical fire destroyed the building.

Since then, Action 2 News has been following the progress of the rebuild. This week, the first notable bit of structure popped up.

A sign out front promises fans that the restaurant won’t sink – referring to the brewery as “unsinkable.” Behind that, fans can see the start of a foundation and basement, and beams creating the first bit of a structure.

“Right after the fire, we were all somber. We were all sad, you know, lost a piece of history. But now we're all just really excited,” Levendusky tells Action 2 News.

Most of the building was lost in the fire, but employees were able to save some brewing equipment, and other sentimental pieces from the original building.

The only main difference with the rebuild is that the new Shipwrecked Brew Pub will no longer have rooms for rent.

“New Shipwrecked is going to feel a lot like the old Shipwrecked,” Levendusky explains. “The updates we're doing are really more to improve the guest experience, or our behind the scenes stuff, to make that a little more streamlined.”

When it’s all said and done, Shipwrecked Brew Pub won’t even have been closed for a year.

Current plans have the restaurant and brewery set to re-open in June 2018.

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