Shawano County woman delivers baby in front seat of family's SUV

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SHAWANO, Wis. (WBAY) - A Shawano County family welcomes a new baby boy, but not in a hospital. Instead, the 7 pound, 1 ounce bundle of joy was delivered in the front seat of the family's SUV.

Baby Myan in his mother's arms at the hospital (WBAY photo)

It was Monday morning, before 7 a.m., on ice covered roads, when Matt Grall from Bowler tried to get his wife, Pilar Gauthier, to ThedaCare Regional Medical Center-Shawano.

"We got, maybe, I don't know not even 4 or 5 miles down the road and she was telling me, 'I think baby is coming right now,'" says Grall.

Baby Myan Matthew was born moments later in the front seat of the family's SUV.

Pilar Gauthier says, "When I saw his head come out, I just knew I needed to get the rest of him out. And so I was kind of like getting him out, and once he was out, we wrapped him up together ."

Baby and mom were doing well, but because of road conditions an ambulance was still far away. The 911 dispatcher, Mary Beck, staying on the phone with the couple the entire time.

"This was the first one that actually got born before the ambulance got there while I was on the phone," Beck says. "It makes you think about what kind of responsibility you have in that job."

Grall and Gauthier say other than being a few days early and arriving unexpectedly in the family SUV, Myan is a perfect baby, even nursing on the way to the hospital.

"He was not stressed out at all, which I was surprised. We were all stressed and he was not stressed out about any of it, so we were really grateful for that," says Gauthier.

And now this baby, who was born in the front seat of the car, with his three older siblings in the back seat, will always have quite the story to tell. One his parents say they couldn't have done without the help of the dispatcher and other first responders.