Shawano County properties damaged from tornadoes

LESSOR, Wis. Shawano County is one of the areas hardest hit by Wednesday’s tornadoes, specifically the township of Lessor, near the Outagamie/Shawano County line.

Mayme Nowak's barn collapsed during Wednesday's storm

Mayme Nowak lives in Lessor, her trees and barn were all knocked over. She and her family are spending their Thursday cleaning up the mess it left behind.

"I’m going to guess we have about fifteen sixteen people helping out including my brother, brother-in-law, son-in law, grandkids, wife, pretty good crew out here,” said David Nowak, Mayme’s son.

Fortunately nobody was home at the time of the storm, but they're still without power on Thursday.

"Well when the tornado came through, it obviously knocked the tree over, well the cord went with it, the meter box, the wiring, right to the breaker box were all pulled out, so now we're powering the house out with a generator,” David added.

Eugene Brusky is one of the crews with the National Weather Service, who’s out surveying damage Thursday. Brusky determined that the area saw a brief tornado touchdown.

"Maybe EF0 type wind speeds around 80 miles an hour so- but we're still assessing the final wind speeds, so that's what we've seen. We've seen some evidence in some of the cornfields of some scouring of the vegetation that might suggest a brief touchdown,” said Eugene Brusky, Science and Operations Officer for the National Weather Service in Green Bay.

Shawano County Emergency Management Director, Natalie Easterday, says there are representatives from the Red Cross, as well as emergency managers from surrounding counties who have come down to continue documenting damages.

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