Seymour student charged with terrorist threats

OUTAGAMIE COUNTY, Wis. (WBAY) - A Seymour student faces a felony charge of making a terrorist threat after police say he posted a photo of an AR-15 style rifle and indicated something was going to happen at the high school on Monday.

According to investigators, River Erdmann, 17, posted the photo to a Snapchat group along with a caption echoing an incident a year ago where a student brought a weapon to school, causing a school lockdown. He said it was going to be that student version "2.0."

A student saw the message on Snapchat Friday after school. Students pointed investigators to River Erdmann, and they said it looks like a rifle he owns.

Police obtained a search warrant for his home in Appleton, and after making contact with his mother and locating Erdmann, they found out he had an airsoft rifle.

The mother told police she wasn't aware that he had the rifle or a bottle of airsoft pellets.

Erdmann told investigators he didn't realize the message went to a large Snapchat group, he thought it went to some friends and a few people he didn't like.

He said he knew that a student last year brought an airsoft gun to school and was expelled for a few days, and he was making a joke about it when the students were talking about school shootings.

A court set Erdmann's bond at $1,000 cash and ordered him not to possess any dangerous weapons or have any contact with Seymour High School.

Police say Erdmann used to attend Seymour High School but was being home schooled.

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