Seymour farmers host event for water quality awareness

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SEYMOUR, Wis.( WBAY) - In many parts of Wisconsin, people are affected by the quality of water.

Right now the state is getting over 60 million dollars from the federal government to improve water and wastewater infrastructure.

Owner of Full Circle Community Farm, Val Dantoin-Adamski, said she practices raising healthy cows, while protecting the water.

“We are grazing our cattle on perennial pasture," Adamski said. “And that keeps the soil from moving and it keeps contaminates from leaching down through the soil and it helps us farm in a more ecological way.”

She believes if more farmers used this modern way of farming, clean water and healthy products wouldn't be a problem in Wisconsin.

"This farm is a way of farming that’s healthier for animals, the soil, the water and the land itself and us as farmers too," said Adamski.

Full Circle Community Farm held a show and tell to raise awareness on water quality issues and their way of farming.

"We’re trying to help get people to understand what policies we might need to make farming cleaner in Wisconsin," said Adamski.

Governor Tony Evers has taken several actions aimed at water equality.

He declared 2019 as the year of clean drinking water in Wisconsin.

“Our legislation in terms of dealing with waste removal on farms was designed back to when a farm was 100 to 150 acres and a farmer had 30 -35 cows," Vice President of Clean Water Council, Charles Frisk said. "And now we’ve got 10,000 cows and we’re spreading waste under the same type of legislation.”

Val hopes people who attended the event will shop locally and take home a new way to produce food and promote a healthy earth.

“The more you can support your local farmers, the more small farmers stay on the landscape and the more they are able to keep the land green and healthy," said Adamski.

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