Sex offender blocked by Pound to be placed in Appleton

APPLETON, Wis. (WBAY) - A convicted sex offender who was subject of a Marinette County town's fight to keep violent offenders out of a home near children will be placed in Appleton.

Jerome Litscher, 76, was convicted of six separate offenses between 1959 and 1997. The offenses involved sexual assault of underage boys.

In 2009, a judge granted a petition to label Litscher as a "sexually violent person." He was sent to a secure mental facility.

Upon his release, Litscher will be placed at residence in the 2600 block of N. Richmond Street in Appleton. He will be subject to GPS monitoring for life.

In 2017, Action 2 News reported on the town of Pound's fight to block Litscher and two other violent offenders from being placed in a home on South 7th Road.

An out-of-town vendor purchased the home for the purpose of renting it out the state to house sex offenders. It's less than 800 feet away from a home with kids, but since the house is across the street, sex offender placement is allowed.

The town wrote hundreds of letters to lawmakers and judges and successfully stopped the placement of Litscher.

The town also fought the placement of 55-year-old Jeffrey Butler. Butler has also been deemed a "sexually violent person" and currently resides in a supervised living facility in Juneau County.

A third man, 52-year-old Aristole Farmer, has been placed at the S 7th Road home in Pound. He was convicted of two separate sex assault charges and labeled a "sexually violent person."

In March, Gov. Scott Walker signed a law that prohibits judges from placing sexually violent offenders outside of the county in which they committed their crimes.

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