Memory care seniors make toys for kids affected by Hurricane Harvey

SUAMICO, Wis. Senior memory care patients are hoping to make a difference for kids in need. The seniors of Alpha Senior Concepts in Suamico made dolls, stuffed animals and jewelry for kids who lost almost everything in Hurricane Harvey.

When the seniors heard about what happened in Texas they immediately thought of the children.

"They need to have something to play with you know that they lost, they lost everything that was terrible," said Betty LeGrave, who helped make toys.

"They just had such compassion for those families that lost everything you know people when they come in to a facility by that time in their life they understand loss," said Corine Larson, Life Enrichment Director at Alpha Senior Concepts.

Larson says it took teamwork to finish the project.

“There were probably ten, twelve people all involved, even a gentleman that's completely lost his vision he pulled apart all the stuffing and pulled pins, a lady that has a great deal of trouble with her hands and the rest of her body she did the gluing," said Larson.

“We just started making one thing and another and pretty soon we were making more and more and it got to be fun," said Agnes Kinville, who also helped make toys.

Larson says the project helped the patients learn something new and exciting.

"People need to do things, it isn’t over until it's over, they need to live life until it's done and they've still got a long time yet here and just to feel purposeful because they do have a purpose and to get to be creative and learn new things," added Larson.

"We created beautiful beautiful things, it was really heartwarming," said Kinville.

A local church will pick up the toys next week and take them down to Texas the week of thanksgiving, delivering them to kids.