Sen. Ron Johnson discusses Wisconsin issues in Grand Chute

Published: Jun. 16, 2017 at 4:02 PM CDT
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Senator Ron Johnson spoke at an event hosted by the Fox Cities Chamber.

He touched on issues affecting Wisconsinites.

While saying he believes Republicans are moving their agenda forward, Senator Johnson responded to a concerns Friday about health care.

He wouldn't say if he'd vote for Republican legislation that passed the House, saying Congress should first fix what he calls the damage created by former President Obama's law, the Affordable Care Act.

"I'd like to do that in bipartisan fashion," Senator Johnson (R-Wisconsin) said. "I'm talking to a number of my Democrat colleagues. I'm not sure if we're going to come up with 50 votes with a Republican solution. Let's stabilize the markets, then long term with the Democrats colleagues to actually fix the healthcare system."

He also spoke about the worker shortage in Wisconsin.

Senator Johnson said we need to get the word about manufacturing jobs and tech colleges

"Let's not denigrate the trades. There are great careers in manufacturing, and that's something quite honestly we can reverse that trend right now in our local communities, get involved as a business person as a community member," said Senator Johnson.

Democrat State Rep. Amanda Stuck says it's also about getting a population to fill those jobs by attracting a younger workforce to the area

"What that means is good education systems. We need to invest in things like our parks, our arts and communities to attract those people," said State Rep. Stuck (D-Appleton).

As to whether Senator Johnson believes the GOP agenda is moving forward in Washington, he says it's all about slashing regulations.

"The #1 component of a solution -- and what I've been saying is the greatest impediment of that is over-regulation, that's the first thing we started doing," Senator Johnson said. "President announced his one-two out rule: For every new regulation they're going to have to remove two in the agencies."